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Current Travel Advisories

Last updated March 20, 2018

Despite the challenges posed by inclement weather,

U.S. airlines have worked to achieve

a greater on-time arrival rate and

more completed flight schedules.


See Airlines for America's live dashboard of the current operation status for U.S. airport flight operations and the percent of flights operating on time at the top 30 U.S. airports by passenger volume.

How can you stay informed when you're on the go?

Staying informed is easier than ever.

With safety of passengers and employees as the number one priority, airlines take proactive measures to rebook and accommodate passengers in advance so that operations can recover and return to normal more quickly. Download your carrier’s mobile application and stay informed for weather events.

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Airlines are taking action!

Airlines work closely with the Federal Aviation Administration and other industry partners to reduce the impact on air travel when inclement weather is expected. Preparation efforts and communication amongst parties increases before, during and immediately following significant weather events, including summer afternoon thunderstorms, hurricanes and winter snow.

Highly-trained experts in meteorology and air traffic management work to reduce the impact of weather delays on passengers 24/7, 365.

  • Alert any schedule changes to the FAA’s air traffic “Command Center” in Warrenton, VA.
  • Monitor airport arrival demand to make the most of airport capacity and performance.
  • Address the effects of bad weather on airspace traffic and congestion.

Airlines want to give customers the most up-to-date information possible, especially when disruptions to travel may occur. High-capability weather modeling and real-time tools allow the airlines to identify weather patterns like never before. Tracking and monitoring weather trends gives us the ability to adjust flight paths that keep flights moving.

Early decision-making helps U.S. airlines proactively adjust operations plans in a way that benefits passengers, employees and aircraft. It reduces the amount of time lost for passengers and helps accommodate travelers on the next available flight.

The use of social media, alerts, mobile applications and website updates gives passengers more access than ever before to the latest scheduling and weather information.

  • Real-time information.
  • Rebooking options.
  • Time-saving solutions in the event of delays.


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